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We build and run customized Facebook Marketing Campaigns
 for your business .
Social Media Rocket-Fuel!
Test the waters before committing, we're so confident in our ability to grow your business!

    Facebook Live Event

We are so confident that Facebook can deliver leads to your business that we have this special introductory offer to test the waters. We guarantee 10,000 impressions and 5,000 eyeballs on your products or services. Let's close some instant business!
Where does your business fall?

Social Media Marketing & Advertising Packages

In this day and age, consumer behavior's are changing. No more is the day when your potential customers look at billboards, local radio, print or even television to be exposed to brands and offerings. If your business isn't taking advantage of social media, you will inevitably fail.

We've tailored all of our pricing packages with the small business owner, marketing manager or enterprise team in mind. 
Small Business
Curated social posts from our content team, so you don't have to worry about always refreshing your brand online.
Basic advertising to expose your brand and business to 5,000+ people every month!
 Long-term analytics of your customers and their buying behavior, demographics. We help you store all of that information to put you in front of the warmest leads possible!
    Start Up
    Are you a business that has seen some success and is rapidly growing or looking to maximize your current success? This package is for you, let our team of startup experts add rocket fuel to your continued growth. This package includes everything from the small business package but also curated advanced audience targeting and website tracking to get the most out of potential customers.
      This package is for the most serious businesses. Do you have employees, looking to scale and optimize your advertising spend? Work with us and see immediate results with 5 advanced custom audiences and target audiences. This package is for the marketing officers and business owners who are serious about growth and already know the power of online social media.
        Features Included...
        There are multiple reasons for hiring an experienced and professional marketing team to manage your Facebook marketing campaign. The reason we believe in above all others is RESULTS!
        Small Business
        Up to $1,000 ad spend...start promoting your business where your customers are. 
        Social Media Management
        4-5 posts per week to create brand value and automated content

        Always know where your dollars are going as we grow your campaign

        See who is on your website and what content they find engaging

        Start to collect audience data to better understand your customers

        Up to $2,000 ad spend...everything included in small business package +
        Target your ideal customer with targeted demographics
        Always be in the forefront of consumer's mind with ads

        Determine the best ways to reach your customer

        FB Live 
        We'll broadcast your business to rapidly promote a deal or offer

        Up to $5,000 ad spend.... get all features listed with the last 2 packages +
        Know your consumers exactly and scale those audiences for advanced growth
        We'll build ads that actually lead a consumer to purchase your product or service
        Even More
        Always be reaching out to prospects, automatically and recurring
        2 FB Live 
        Blow up your lead generation tools with new content and brand awareness videos
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